Everything You Need to Know About Eyenvy

If you have thin, sparse natural lashes, you’re not alone! Being asian, I’m destined for wimpy lashes and have spent my entire professional career enhancing the look of lashes and everything surrounding eyes. I first learned about Eyenvy a few years ago through another asian client. Her lashes were an astonishing 2cm long (FYI that’s super long). She told me her secret was Eyenvy–Everyday for the last 2 years.

This prompted me to get fully stocked up and try it out myself. I began recommending it to all my clients with semi-wimpy lashes too. Soon enough, my entire client base was using it. Some loved it and some hated, and I personally have an ongoing love-hate relationship with it too.

What it is: Eyenvy is a hormonal lash conditioner that makes your lashes longer and thicker.

How it works: it tricks your lashes into thinking it’s in its growth phase for longer than your body normally would allow it to.

After nearly 3 years of distribution with hundreds of clients who’ve come through and used it at Keravie, here is literally everything you need to know about Eyenvy:

1. It really, really, works!
It works well on 99% of users, and even users who have gone through a lash trauma from excessive lash pulling or even chemo.

Above: This client used Eyenvy everyday for 1-1.5 years. Lashes are nearly double their normal lengths and thickness.

Above: This client went through chemo 2 years prior and her lashes never grew back to their original fullness. After using Eyenvy everyday for 3 months, they are back to how they used to be!

The instructions tell you to use it everyday for 3 months to see results. This isn’t absolutely true. Like everything in life, some lucky people can see results in as little as a few weeks with drastic growth, while some may take up to 3 months of religious use before seeing moderate growth.

It’s important to note however, that this serum can only magic up your lash line where a hair follicle exists. This means that if you have sparse lashes, it won’t sprout new lashes where they didn’t exist before. But it could appear slightly fuller because your baby lashes are now more prominent because of its length (small win!)

2. Sometimes it works too well
Be careful that the serum is mostly dry before you begin blinking away. Also, if you get some below your eyes by accident, you should cleanse that area with soap to remove all of the product. If you don’t, unwanted facial hair will grow longer there. (A 5 o’clock shadow once grew under my eyes due from me wiping away serum in that spot!)

3. Sometimes it’s not for everyone
This product works on 99% of users. But there is a small chance your body simply doesn’t respond to it–sorry! 🙁

Who it’s not for:

  • Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding
  • Those with sensitive eyes – it can be an irritant for some people. If your eyes or the area around your eyes get red and itchy, discontinue using it immediately and thoroughly cleanse your eyes with a gentle eye makeup cleanser. Like all products–whether created in a lab or found naturally in the wild–can cause allergic reactions.

4. Side Effects
I find that most people who use Eyenvy are those who are most committed to full, fluttery and dramatic lashes, so people who use Eyenvy are those who also have another lash enhancement–ie. Lash extensions or lash lift. Here are the top annoying side effects of Eyenvy:

5. Hyper Growth and Shed Cycle
In addition to making the growth stage stretch out, it seems to also expedite the entire growth process of your lashes which means–yes, even the shed happens quicker too! The average life cycle of lashes range anywhere from 6-12 weeks with no lash conditioner use. However over-use creates hyper growth and can shorten your lash’s life span, so we typically don’t recommend Eyenvy for those who already have healthy and strong lashes with a healthy lash life cycle if you plan to wear extensions or get a lift

How much it can shorten depends entirely on your own body chemistry but on average, those who use Eyenvy should be getting 1-2 week lash extension fills religiously (as opposed to 2-4 week fills), and a lash lift every 3-4 weeks (instead of 6-8 weeks).

Also it may take some time for the lash serum to stop working if you’ve been using it regularly for a long time. Always consult with your lash artist to see how often you should be using Eyenvy, if at all.

Below: In this extreme case below, this client’s lash lift only lasted 2 weeks before it was fully grown out by week 3.

Crazy Growth, Makes Crazy Lashes
By forcefully growing out lashes where they don’t normally grow to such lengths, lashes that have been conditioned with Eyenvy or any type of lash growth serum appear to grow in all sorts of directions. It can make your lash lift appear a bit messier with a messier grow out and it can be harder for your lash artist to apply extensions on your natural lashes.

Discoloured Skin Around Your Eyes
By far the most dreaded side effect that happens to a handful of clients is that it can temporarily discolour the skin where you place the serum. This is why you should be extra careful to not apply it where you don’t want, always do a spot test before you begin using it lavishly everyday.

Note: Discolouration of the skin and irises is also a side effect when using Latisse. No reported side effects of iris discolouration from Eyenvy at this time.

Added Bonus: Brow Hair Conditioner
Although it doesn’t state this, you can pretty much use this wherever a hair follicle exists to help make that hair longer and thicker — including your brows! Just like your eyelashes, you apply the serum along the base of your brow hairs closest to the hair follicle.

6. Price

2mL (2.5-3 months everyday use) – $70
3.5mL (5-6 months everyday use) – $105

Although the larger size is a better value, I typically recommend getting the smaller bottle if you’re a first-time user! Note: It’s usually not sold online but we’ve added Eyenvy on our shop section due to COVID-19 with free shipping in Alberta!

7. Learn when to throw it away
This product expires after 9 months of the bottle being open. Do not use it after the expiry date, not only because it’s no longer working, but because you should really never use anything that’s been opened for longer than a year, especially around your eyes!

Overall, this is a great product to try out if you’re after longer and thicker lashes. The price point is very reasonable compared to other leading products available. In particular, I like it over Latisse even though Latisse is arguably a more effective product. Why? Because it has less side effects, it’s half the price of Latisse ($150 for a 3 month supply?) and you don’t need a prescription for it. That all said, if Eyenvy doesn’t work for you, Latisse might be your next best step!

I would especially recommend it for those:

  • With thin, short lashes
  • Who’ve experience a lash trauma due to:
  • Poor lash extension application
  • Chemotherapy
  • Pulled out/cut off all your lashes or burned them off over the BBQ (you’d be surprised what we get!)
  • Or simply those who want the longest and thickest lashes in general

Careful on usage for those who:

  • Get lash extensions or a lash lift (always consult your artist)
  • Have sensitive skin or eyes — always do a test patch first!

Avoid this product if:

  • You’re pregnant/breastfeeding
  • Have an allergy to it (red, itchy eyes)

Have additional questions? Let us know and so we can help you live your best lash life!

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