Lash Extensions vs. GEL Lash Lift: Which is for Me?

So you’ve finally decided to let us pop your lash cherry. First of all congratulations–You’re in for a fun treat! But now you’re stuck on the Bookings page and you want to click ‘confirm’ but…which service is for you? Read on for the whole kit and caboodle on whether lash extensions or the GEL Lash Lift should be the star feature of your first lash outing.

The Low Down on Lash Extensions

It’s important to remember that lash extensions are pre-curled, synthetic lashes that are glued on to your own natural lashes. We can apply anywhere from 1-15 extensions to one of your natural lashes, which means we have the ability to make them Classic and Natural, to Full and Dramatic in lengths that can be as short as your natural lashes, or extend them to be up to 50% longer. They are pre-curled, so you don’t need to curl your extensions and they don’t require mascara. Those who want more length and more volume compared to their natural lashes should opt for lash extensions. They’re particularly great for special occasions because that means you can achieve the fullness of a striplashes, sans the striplash glue and application!

The drawbacks however, is that extensions require meticulous attention to apply. You should always use a trusted lash artist who has experience, proper training and a resource for feedback for your extension work. Most artists are certified after taking a one-day course only, so do your research!

Also, lash extensions are higher maintenance since you have to evict all your oil-based products from your face care repertoire (oil is not lash extension glue friendly!) and since your natural lashes naturally grow and shed out, you’ll need fills every 2-3 weeks to maintain the look. Say goodbye to rubbing your eyes by the way!

Lash Extensions are for anyone and everyone:
With any type of eyelash of any length (sparse, full, long short etc.)
Who want a natural, full or dramatic look
Particularly those who have a special occasion where strip lashes are the better choice but you don’t want to go through the hassle of putting them on and risking them peel off your face

Lash Extensions are not for those who:
Don’t like laying still for periods of time
Are allergic to lash glue
Would rather die than not rub their eyes whenever they please

The GEL Keratin Lash Lift

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By contrast, the GEL Lash Lift uses only your natural lashes and nothing else. It’s biggest draw is that it creates an effortlessly natural look that is low maintenance and lasts up to 6-8 weeks. Black mascara is optional, but many of our clients love using the recommended GEL Keratin Mascara. Since it’s clear, you’re guaranteed no panda eyes while it helps define, strengthen and extend the life of your lift.

The GEL Lash Lift is ideal for those who:
Love a natural look
Really values a low-maintenance beauty routine
Have medium to long lashes
Have average to very full lashes

The GEL Lash Lift is not for those who:
Want much longer or fuller lashes than what they have when curl their lashes
Have short and sparse natural lashes*

*At Keravie, we can lift and curl lashes of any length and fullness because of how effective the GEL Lash Lift is, but most of our clients who have short and sparse lashes are much more thrilled about their look with lash extensions instead, which can offer both more length and volume to your look.

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of looks that lash enhancements can make. There really is no wrong choice and whichever you decide on, let us just say new lash lovers be warned:

Side effects include stopping yourself dead in your tracks every time you pass by a mirror so you can check you out 🙂

Still have more questions? Send us an email or give us a call!

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