I Ditched my Lash Extensions and tried a GEL Keratin Lash Lift for the First Time!

I have been working at Keravie for close to a year now and have not strayed far from lash extensions and would label myself as a die-hard eyelash extension enthusiast. Even after working at the lash studio, the thought of getting a GEL Keratin Lash Lift never crossed my mind regardless of how many countless amazing lash lifts I have seen come and go.  I honestly never believed that I would transition from the extensions to the lift because I really loved the dramatic look and fullness that extensions brought to my very blonde, thin lashes. That being said, after being isolated for the last few months I had a change of heart. Seeing more people opting for a lash lift over extensions sparked my interest and my boss had mentioned that it would be a great time to give the more natural look a try for the summer and that is when I decided I would give the GEL Keratin Lash Lift a go. I started looking through an insane amount of before and after photos and decided that was going to be my new summer look!

I have never been fully satisfied with my natural eyelashes, which is why I would always opt for extensions. My natural lashes are quite straight if I don’t curl them (which I am not a fan of doing) and aren’t super long which is why they barely exist without any mascara. I can say I am a fan of the more long dramatic lashes but like I said I wanted to take the more natural looking route and see if my own lashes have what it takes. 

These are my natural lashes with mascara (as you can see they are pretty short and not curled)


What is a GEL Keratin Lash Lift and how is it different than a regular lash lift

The GEL Keratin Lash Lift is a new lifting technology that was created specifically for eyelashes and is a better alternative to a lash perm because of its premier results and safer solutions. 

I was actually quite surprised by the differences between the GEL Lash Lift and a regular lash lift/perm! One of the most prominent differences was between the formulas used to lift the eyelashes. Some lash perm/lift solutions contain ammonia or hair perming solutions within them and if you’re like me (care about your eyes) that’s a big heck no. Thankfully, I found that the GEL Lash Lift doesn’t contain those scary ingredients. It actually has keratin within the solution (hence the name) which actually helps protect your lashes while also nourishing and moisturizing them. Another reason that the GEL Lash Lift is superior to the regular lash lift/perm is because of the lifting technique itself. A regular lash lift will lift from the middle of the eyelash which leaves the lashes looking mediocre at best and not as dramatically lifted. In contrast, the GEL Lash Lift lifts from the base of the eyelash, providing a greater length and dramatic lift. 

Did that convince you that the GEL Lash Lift is superior? Because it sure did for me! Another fact I found while doing more research (for those still not convinced): the GEL Lash Lift uses a gentle Organic Lash Botox that is made specifically for eyelashes, giving you more peace of mind because it is mostly made from organic ingredients that include keratin, silk peptides, and botanicals that = a safer way to lift that creates better results. 


The process of the GEL Lash Lift 

The GEL Lash Lift was a relaxing experience and the total service only took an hour and a half which for me was perfect as I tend to get squirmish after laying down for too long. I really liked how quick the appointment went by and how much time I saved by getting the lift instead of extensions. 

  1. The service started off with a relaxing head massage with a towel and essential oils and let me tell you that was the perfect start to the treatment because it made me so relaxed
  2. A shield is placed on the eyelid; the size of this shield will determine how dramatic the lift is (the lash artist will recommend one depending on how dramatic you want your lashes and the length of your natural lashes) 
  3. Step 1: This solution was placed on the eyelashes to break down the bond of the eyelashes in order to rebuild them into a lifted state
  4. Step 2: The next solution is placed to rebuild the bond that holds it the lashes into the lift and into the shape desired 
  5. Step 3: The next step is tinting the lashes (which helped so much for my blonde lashes). The tint includes a lash botox to give nutrients to the lashes and keep them strong and moisturized
  6. Nourishing oil is brushed through the lashes to help nourish and bring back some moisture 
  7. GEL Keratin Mascara for a last coating to complete the look 


The results

Before and after: GEL Lash Lift


To say I am obsessed is an understatement. The lash lift turned out better than I could have imagined and I could not believe that those were my eyelashes (they looked like classic extensions).  My artist Megan used a medium shield on me and it worked out amazing. Even though my natural lashes are on the shorter side, I was in shock by how much they lifted.

My eyelashes with GEL Keratin Mascara 5 days after the lift 


Everything you need to know before you go 

Since this treatment uses your natural eyelashes, the longer and thicker your eyelashes are the better the results will be! That being said, I think the GEL Lash lift is a great option for anyone who wants to enhance the eyelashes they have and who are looking for a more natural day to day look! If you are someone who wants drama I suggest you stick with your extensions (unless you’re like me and just really need a break from them and want to try something new). 

Some of the perks of the GEL Lash lift is the shorter amount of time for the service, compared to a new set of extensions (depending on the style) you are saving anywhere from 1-2.5 hours. It’s already almost been a week for me and my lashes still look as lifted as they did when I got the treatment done. I have yet to wear mascara either, I find that the tint and the keratin mascara do the job just fine! 



Once you get your lift you will need to refrain from getting your lashes wet for 24 hours and also keep mascara/any other serums away for 72 hours. 

A godsend that I absolutely recommend getting (no really it will change your lash lift life) is the GEL Keratin Mascara, this baby will help keep your lashes lifted and luscious and give them a thicker look! This mascara is not like regular mascaras…it is a clear keratin based mascara that gives the appearance of thicker lashes while providing them with the nutrients they need. This mascara is a double threat because it can also be used on your brows too (which I can vouch for as I use it for both every night). This serum retails for $70 comes in a hefty 11mL bottle and lasts up to one year of use. You can buy it at any GEL-licensed retailers and also at our online shop here with free local shipping

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