FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS, absolutely NO showers or getting your lashes wet.

AFTER THE FIRST 24 HOURS, absolutely

  1. NO swimming, sauna or steamrooms

  2. DO NOT use oil-based makeup and cleansers (use water-based ones!)

  3. DO NOT use any mascara

  4. DO NOT rub your eyes, pick at your lashes or try to remove your extensions by yourself—call us to professionally remove your extensions or you risk pulling out your natural lashes.

FOR BEST RESULTS, make sure you

  1. DO brush & comb your lashes out everyday—tangled lashes tend to break/shed faster.

  2. DO gently wash your lashes everyday with a specialized eyelash bubble shampoo, especially if you wear eye makeup everyday—we recommend our gentle foaming GEL bubble shampoo. DO NOT use regular shampoo.

  3. DO use a lash growth serum like EyeEnvy to help the hairs stay in the follicle longer resulting in a stronger base for the extensions.

  4. DO get fills every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain your lash look.




FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS, absolutely

  1. DO NOT get your lashes wet, go swimming, sauna or steam room—this will ruin the lift.

  2. DO NOT sleep on your face or against your lashes—this will misshapen the lift.

  3. DO NOT wear any makeup or mascara around your eyes, except for GEL Keratin Mascara—this will ruin the tint.

AFTER THE FIRST 24 HOURS, you can do anything you want except

  1. DO NOT use waterproof mascara. You can use any other type of mascara you like—we recommend GEL Keratin Mascara; and

  2. AVOID rubbing your eyes.

FOR BEST RESULTS, you should

  1. USE GEL Keratin Mascara everyday,

    • It gives you the wet, ultra-defined look you see in all our Instagram photos that you can’t get with regular mascara.

    • It makes your lash lift last longer by conditioning your lashes and reducing natural lash breakage/shedding.

    • It nourishes and strengthens your lashes, making them grow longer, stronger and lusher.

  2. Get a GEL Lash Lift every 6 to 8 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle—the more you do the treatment and use the GEL Keratin Mascara, the better your results!

    • Your natural lashes are conditioned to grow longer, fuller and lusher, making your lash lift look even better.