Maintaining Your Lashes During a Pandemic

As we trudge through this pandemic, battling lockdown and isolations, it’s tough on our lashes. Though we can’t be there for you during closures, we’re still here! And this post is to help you get through this!


How to maintain your Lash Extensions during lockdowns 

These 3+week closures have been the most detrimental to your extensions, but here’s some tips on how you can do your best to maintain your extensions:

  1. Wash your lashes! But not too much! We all know that oils affect the lash adhesive, this is one of the reasons it’s important to wash your lashes. Excess build up of natural skin oils can cause your extensions to fall off prematurely. If you’re wearing eye makeup daily, then yes, wash it off your lashes. However, if you do not wear makeup daily, try washing your lashes every other day using an extension-safe foaming lash bath. Also get yourself a lash brush to ensure optimal deep cleaning!

    100ml Lash Bath and Brush


  2. NO TOUCHY! Aside from washing and brushing your lashes, do not touch them! I know as they grow out more, playing with them can become irresistible, however dirt and oils also transfer from your hands onto your lashes, circling back to tip #1. Also, tugging on these can cause your natural lash to shed before they are ready. Resist that urge!! DO NOT TOUCH!
  1. Book a “New Set” for when we reopen. Even if you still may have some extensions on, booking a new set with your artist will ensure they have enough time to remove and grown out ones (which will likely be almost all of them) and then fill those lashes to the best of their ability!
  2. Try Lashocracy! Lashocracy is our glueless strip-lashes that are extension safe. If your extensions are not handling the lockdown well and you need a lash boost, these are a great fix till your lash fill! The fact that they are glueless makes them easy to apply and remove without damaging your lashes!

Lashocracy Glueless Strip Lashes

How To maintain your natural lashes during lockdowns

The tips above also protect your natural lashes while wearing extensions, however there’s more you can do:

  1. Get on the Eyenvy train! This forced break is a great time to boost your lashes, and get them growing longer and stronger! Eyenvy is an excellent ay to do so. This has to be used DAILY for optimal results. But start this routine A.S.A.P. and your natural lashes will be even longer and stronger, and even If your getting a New Set, or a Keratin Lash Lift when we reopen, this will be highly beneficial!
  2. Use your Keratin Mascara! (Not extension friendly). Whether you have a lift that is growing out, or has already completely grown out, continued use of this will help to maintain the strength and integrity of your lashes. If your lift is still growing out, this will really help to tame the sometimes wild grow-out stage, and also help your lift last longer through these lockdowns. If your lift has already grown out,
    Keratin Mascara

    Keratin Mascara

    using this daily will only give added nutrients to your lashes and prime them for your next lift when we reopen!

Paired with Eyenvy, this duo does wonders for your lashes, they really are a power-couple!


We are sad we can’t see your beautiful faces to have these discussions with you, but we are always available to answer any questions you may have, so don’t be afraid to slide into our DMs! Also, don’t panic if you’ve ran out of any of the products above! We are still sending out our online orders! Peep our online shop and save 10% on your order for the products mentioned in this blog post!*

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I tried MINTNETICS new adhesive eyeliner and strip lashes and will never purchase lash glue again

As an avid lash extension wearer myself, I have taken these past few months as an opportunity to switch things up and give my natural lashes a little break! While I have been enjoying the break (and finally being able to rub my eyes!), there are still occasions where I want a little more drama with my look. This is where strip lashes come in! I love the look and versatility of strip lashes when I am not wearing extensions. However, and I am sure many of you can agree with this, they are not always the easiest and most convenient to apply on an everyday basis. 

There are many new and trendy false lash systems out there, a popular one being the magnetic lash system. Although I have personally never tried the magnetic eyeliner system, I have heard that the magnetic eyeliner itself can be irritating and very difficult to remove.

When I found out that M.INT Beauty (the brand whose lashes we use and love here at Keravie) released a new lash system called MINTNETIC, I was very intrigued! Their lash system is a similar concept to the trendy magnetic eyeliner lashes but is completely magnet free. The MINTNETIC lash system claims to be “easy on and easy off – stay put all day lashes” – sign me up! I decided to give their lashes and adhesive eyeliner a try and today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on this innovative system with you all.


What is the MINTNETIC Lash System? 

The MINTNETIC Lash System is made up of super-soft synthetic silk strip lashes and a magnet-free adhesive in the form of an eyeliner pen that the strip lashes adhere to. 

  • The lashes are vegan and made from synthetic silk. They are super soft and come in 10 different styles ranging from very natural to full and dramatic! 
  • The eyeliner comes in a pen form and is water-resistant, smudge-proof, and long-lasting. The eyeliner comes in black, brown or clear. 
  • MINTNETIC lashes last up to 30 wears, and the MINTNETIC eyeliner lasts up to 60 uses. 


Application Instructions from

Remove the eyelashes from the box with the lash applicator. Along the band of the eyelashes, remove the sticky adhesive before applying- the adhesive is used to keep the lashes in place and its shape.

Step 1 – Starting at the outer edge of your eye, hold your strip lashes up against your eye to see how they will fit. Roll the lashes gently to adjust to your eye shape. Trim the lashes if necessary. It is advised that you trim the edges of the lashes down on both ends. This will stop them from lifting.

Step 2 – Shake the adhesive eyeliner pen and apply as you normally would to a clean, oil-free lash line. Allow to set up to 60seconds until tacky, then apply the lashes.

Step 3 – Start at the outer corner of your eye. Place your lashes onto the adhesive liner and adjust until they are perfect. Then press firmly to ensure they are secure. If you need to adjust the lashes you may have to reapply the adhesive liner first. Apply Mascara to blend in your own lashes if needed. Please be aware that mascara may affect the longevity of the lashes.

For Best Results (Firm hold) – Apply a layer of the adhesive liner and let fully dry for 60 seconds, then apply the second layer of eyeliner. Let the second layer set for another 60 seconds and apply lashes while the eyeliner is still tacky.

Removal – Gently pull the lashes away from your eye. Use cleansing foam with a lint-free applicator to remove the eyeliner from your eye area. Clean excess adhesive eyeliner from lashes with a cleanser before placing back in the storage box.


First Impressions


I tried out the lashes in the style “Airy” and the eyeliner in Black. My first impression of the lashes themselves is that they are beautiful! They are so soft and fluffy and almost resemble volume lash extensions. The style that I chose is one of their most natural and wispy styles that they have. The eyeliner pen is very easy to apply and gives you a lot of control for making a nice sharp line along your lash line. The black liner goes on smoothly and dries to a super dark blackest black finish. I applied two coats of the liner as suggested on the box for best results and waited the 60 seconds before applying the lashes. When I went to apply the lashes onto the eyeliner, I was pleasantly surprised with how easily they adhered to the liner! It probably took me less than 30 seconds for each eye to get the lashes on. The lashes sit nice and snug along the lash line and feel super comfortable on the eyes with no poking in the inner corners. 

Quick Video on How I Applied the Adhesive Eyeliner and Lashes

How they wore throughout the day

I wore the MINTNETIC strip lashes for about 7 hours during the day and they held on pretty well overall. I will say that there were some areas along the lash line that did begin to lift as the day went on, but it was nothing major! I think this had to do with the fact that my eyes were slightly watery due to allergies. It was easy just to touch up the eyeliner and secure the lashes back in place. The lashes remained comfortable to wear throughout the whole day and I even got a few compliments!

Final thoughts (tips on how to make them last longer)

Overall, I really enjoy these lashes and think this is a great and innovative product! What I loved the most about the MINTNETIC  lash system is how easy the lashes are to apply. I think most people are intimidated by false strip lashes because they think they will be next to impossible to apply. If that is your concern, I would highly recommend trying the MINTNETIC system! If you do decide to try them out, here are some of my tips and recommendations to ensure you get the best wear out of them:

  1. Ensure that your lash line is completely clean and free of oils prior to applying the eyeliner adhesive. If you have oily eyelids, I would highly recommend applying powder on your eyelids and lash line before using the eyeliner. This is key for ensuring your lashes stay put all day! 
  2. As with all strip lashes, be sure to measure and trim the lashes so that they fit your eye shape properly. If the lashes are too long for your eye, they won’t line up properly with the eyeliner and will lift off of your eye. In order for the lashes to stick, every part of the lash band needs to be touching the eyeliner!
  3. Make sure that when you line your eye with the eyeliner adhesive, you are drawing on a fairly thick line! Again, there needs to be enough surface area of adhesive along your lash line for the lash band to stick to. If a thicker black line is not your thing, I would suggest trying the brown or the clear liner. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to try out, head over to our shop and enjoy 20% off of the MINTNETIC products until August 23! 


Are you someone who time and time again feels like their fill appointment could not come soon enough? Does it take everything in you not to put mascara or false lashes on over your extensions because they are looking sparse? Or maybe you have a friend who seems to only get her lashes done every 3-4 weeks while you have to come back every two. Let’s face it – eyelash extensions are an investment and we want you to get the most that you can out of them! While there are some determinants of lash extension longevity that cannot be controlled (such as your personal lash growth cycle or the slickness/smoothness of your lashes), a big factor in lash extension retention is how much TLC you are giving them! Whether you’re a lash extension newbie or you’ve worn them for years, here are 5 tips to help you get the best and longest wear out of your lash extensions!

3 week retention – lash extensions by Devan M      


3 week retention – lash extensions by Becca A


1. Clean your lashes with a lash shampoo

This may sound like a broken record, but it has to be said! If clients express that their lashes are not lasting as long as they hoped, the first thing I always ask is if they are cleaning them and what they are cleaning them with. Using a lash specific foaming shampoo is your best bet for ensuring you are removing all the dirt, oil and makeup that can sit on your lash line and weaken the bond of the lash extension adhesive. Cleansers that are not specifically meant for lash extensions could contain ingredients that might potentially be detrimental to your extensions (not to mention harsh on your eyes!). Always be sure to clean your lashes everyday – especially if you are wearing makeup, sweating, or swimming! Most lash artists carry a lash shampoo in stock. We recommend using our in-house Baby Coral Lash Shampoo which is made of 99% Organic and Natural Ingredients that’s gentle enough for your eyes, but also super effective in removing eye makeup too! 


2. Go easy on the growth serums

If you’re like me and have natural lashes that are on the shorter, thinner and sparser side then you’ve probably been advised at some point by a lash artist to try a growth serum such as Eye Envy. While Eye Envy is great for making your lashes grow and supporting lash health, it should be used in moderation while wearing lash extensions. Growth serums work by speeding up your lash growth cycle and by result – your shedding cycle as well! This means that if you are using one daily while wearing extensions, you may notice that you are losing more lashes than usual. Additionally, you will likely have to come back much sooner for fills as you will have more “grown out” lashes (shown below) that will need to be removed and replaced during your fill appointment. We recommend slowing down usage to 1-2 times per week. We love Eye Envy – just in moderation when it comes to lash extensions 🙂 Read Everything you need to know about Eyenvy and Lash Growth serums here!


3. Switch it up! 

As much as we love long and dramatic lashes, if you want to make your lashes last longer try going with a slightly lighter set! Lash extensions come in many different lengths and diameters whether you’re doing classic, hybrid or volume. Talk with your artist about trying a lighter extension or going shorter. Shorter and lighter extensions put less weight on your natural lashes and are less likely to pop off as the natural lashes can better support them. 

Another option is to switch up the curl! Try switching to a lash extension that more closely matches with the curl of your natural lashes. For example, if you are someone with very straight natural lashes and are wearing a D curl (most dramatic curl), there will only be a small area of contact between the natural lash and the extension. Try switching to a C curl (moderate curl) extension to create a larger contact area and better bond with the natural lash. 


4. Trade in your eyeliner

It is no surprise that makeup will make your extensions fall out faster. Most makeup products have some form of oil in them whether it seems obvious or not. Mascara, pencil eyeliner, gel eyeliner, and cream eyeshadows are all big no-no’s with lash extensions. I remember when I first started wearing lashes I would apply pencil eyeliner on my top lash line every day and wonder why they fell out so soon! If you’re someone who just cannot go without eyeliner, talk to your lash artist about trying an “eyeliner effect” with your extensions! With the eyeliner effect, we place shorter extensions along the bottom layer of your lashes. By doing this, it creates density along the lash line mimicking the effects of eyeliner so you can go without!

Lash extensions by Emily B


5. Let us know!

Lastly and most importantly, if you feel like your lashes are not lasting as long as you wish make sure to bring it up with your artist the next time you’re in! They will be sure to help troubleshoot anything that might be causing your lashes to not hold as well as they could. They will talk through your routine with you to pinpoint any changes that you can implement to make your lashes last longer. I had a client once who was having retention issues and told me she would often go to hot yoga later in the day after her lash appointments! She wouldn’t have known this was detrimental to her lash extensions had she not brought it up with me. By talking it out with your artist you are sure to leave with some tips and tricks to try out at home to help get longer wear out of your lashes. Sometimes all it takes is a little trial and error to determine what works best for you and your lashes!

Have any questions about lash retention? Let us know so we can help you get the most out of your lash extensions!


4 Tips for Wedding Lash Extensions

It’s pretty clear by now lash extensions are the bees knees of the entire lash industry when it comes to lashes for ultra special occasions. Lash extensions offer the drama (or as little drama) of that of strip lashes, but without the headache of applying them, risking lifting mid-photosession, and the dreaded removal at the end of the night, where no matter how talented the application, there will almost always be a few lashes you have to rip out because glue got attached to it–ouch!

Not only that, extensions provide 360-degree angles of seamlessly blended lashes. There is no evidence of that glossy band that all strip lashes, including magnetic ones, all have. They give away that you are in fact, wearing fake lashes. And for me, there is a poetic perfection in seeing a beautifully styled, customized set of lash extensions meticulously laboured to create a unique look for a stunning bride.

So now you’ve decided to get lash extensions for your big day? Well let us just say, congratulations on your coming nuptials! We can’t be more thrilled for you. Here are 4 Tips to Prep Your Wear for Wedding Lash Extensions:

1. Do a Pre-Trial Set of Lash Extensions
We recommend booking a pre-trial set of extensions with your trial hair and makeup. Always make sure you do a consultation with your chosen lash artist on the trial and the final day so they know what purpose you’re getting the lashes for and to make sure you’re both on the same page on what look you’re going for. It’s helpful to provide photos of how your makeup will look. Will it be light and natural? Or more dramatic and smokey?

Ideally, you might consider doing the trial hair and makeup with the lashes so you can see what they’ll look like all together. Be sure to take lots of selfies and photos of your pre-trial hair and makeup together with the pre-trial lashes to get the best idea of how it will turn out in the photos that’ll help you remember that special day.

Additional Tip: If you’ve never gotten lash extensions before in your life, you should book your trial set at least 3 months before your wedding lashes. In the unlikely event you are allergic to lash adhesive, you have time for the allergy flare to go away.

2. Get Dramatic
Makeup and lashes always look a lot less dramatic in photos than in person, so we recommend always going a little more dramatic than what you’re used to with your everyday lash look to add that extra glam to balance out a more made up look. Additionally, if you plan to wear thicker eyeliner than usual, your extensions will appear shorter.

For example, if you normally wear Classic Lash Extensions, we would recommend doing your next fill with Volume extensions to create a hybrid look for your wedding day lashes.


>Above: How a light smokey eye makeup look affects the appearance of Lash Extensions. Credit: Selena’s Lash Studio

You should expect that you might feel the more voluminous lashes might be a little bit too much, but we promise you that your wedding day you will thank you for it!

Above: Hollywood Hybrids (Classic Extensions mixed with Megavolume Fans) – Suitable for those with strong, healthy lashes.

3. Additional Tip: Never Fill Longer than 1mm of Your Usual Length
While it’s perfectly fine to fill more volume, I never recommend filling over existing lashes longer than 1mm at a time because it never looks seamless. It always looks like you’ve applied a whole different set of lashes over a totally different style of lashes. So if you always wear extensions and want a longer lash look, you should do a full removal and a new set for your wedding day.

4. Book Your Final Lash Appointment 3 Days Before
Lashes always look their very, very freshest in their first 3 days, so we recommend booking your final fill or new set 3 days before the big day before any discernible amount of shedding has taken place. 3 is also the safest number because If there’s anything you need fixed or topped up for whatever reason, you have 2 more days to come back to see your artist, and let’s be honest…you will not want to be worrying about your lashes one day before the wedding.

5. Say No If You Want To
The goal of getting a lash enhancement of any sort is to treat yourself by making you feel the best version of you on your wedding day. So if you’re not comfortable with the recommendations given to you by either your artist or any one else in your life, just say no. After all, underneath all the flowers, lace and lashes, you should still feel comfortable in your own skin because all that really matters is love 🙂

Have more questions about getting extensions for your wedding day? Drop me a hello here!