5 Tips for Healthier Skin this Winter

Now that we’ve been doing a TON of facials with you all, we are SHOCKED to learn most people don’t change up their skincare routine in the winter months! With humidity levels going from a height of 65% in the summer to a low of just 15% in the winters, our skin is always paying the price. This leads to tired, drab looking skin that’s prone to breakouts, cracking and eep–eczema! Keep your skin glowing with these 5 tips you can implement today:



Just like plants, we lose a lot of water through our skin from the winter’s dry humidity. That’s why our bodies need just enough water to replenish the cells in our skin for plumper and vibrant skin. Experts suggest a minimum of 2L per day– and no coffee does not count!

Our waterbottle picks:

Brita Waterbottle and Filter at Amazon.ca $25.99


Keravie Pro Rose Quartz Energizing Waterbottle with Tea Infuser $89




Oh who doesn’t love the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans in the morning? – I sure do! Unfortunately Canada’s favourite morning drink is a natural diuretic, causing us to lose more water as we drink it. Try to limit 1-2 cups per day.

Plus, caffeinated drinks are often made with a TON of processed sugars– something our new year’s resolution diets hate just as much as our gut does! A healthy gut biome is the precursor to a lot of other health problems, including skin inflammation, breakouts and allergies so keep refined sugars to a minimum.

Our non-sugar caffeine pick:

We love local artisan coffee roasters like Rogue Wave Coffee, who just won one of the best baristas in the world! Their signature pour overs do not mingle with sugar or cream 🙂



Supplements are one of the best ways to fill in gaps in our diets where we are nutrient-deficient. Collagen, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Biotin are just a few of our favourite skin-centric supplements to incorporate into your routine. One of the things we love about Biotin? It’s also great for your hair and nails too!

Our picks:

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Nature's Bounty Biotin Gummies

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Compared to summer months, our skin in the winter needs just that extra amount of ooph in our skincare products to lock in moisture and keep it there. Facial oils sit above your favourite moisturizer so be sure to use this last since water-based products can’t penetrate oils. High quality facial oils seals in everything below your skin and keeps your skin plump and hydrated without breaking it out.

Our picks:

PURA Botanicals Overnight Mango Mask $79

PURA Botanicals Radiant Face Drops $52

PURA Botanicals Neroli Eye Oil $48– these bottles last longer than your next iPhone upgrade!




Self-care Sunday is nothing without a mask! Quench your skin thirst with a high dose vitamin and mineral packed mask. Not only is it amazing for your skin, but it is sooo relaxing to do in the tub! 

Our pick:

Greenness Collagen Masks, which come in 2 parts so it fits every face shape and size. $15.99/ea

Maintaining Your Lashes During a Pandemic

As we trudge through this pandemic, battling lockdown and isolations, it’s tough on our lashes. Though we can’t be there for you during closures, we’re still here! And this post is to help you get through this!


How to maintain your Lash Extensions during lockdowns 

These 3+week closures have been the most detrimental to your extensions, but here’s some tips on how you can do your best to maintain your extensions:

  1. Wash your lashes! But not too much! We all know that oils affect the lash adhesive, this is one of the reasons it’s important to wash your lashes. Excess build up of natural skin oils can cause your extensions to fall off prematurely. If you’re wearing eye makeup daily, then yes, wash it off your lashes. However, if you do not wear makeup daily, try washing your lashes every other day using an extension-safe foaming lash bath. Also get yourself a lash brush to ensure optimal deep cleaning!

    100ml Lash Bath and Brush


  2. NO TOUCHY! Aside from washing and brushing your lashes, do not touch them! I know as they grow out more, playing with them can become irresistible, however dirt and oils also transfer from your hands onto your lashes, circling back to tip #1. Also, tugging on these can cause your natural lash to shed before they are ready. Resist that urge!! DO NOT TOUCH!
  1. Book a “New Set” for when we reopen. Even if you still may have some extensions on, booking a new set with your artist will ensure they have enough time to remove and grown out ones (which will likely be almost all of them) and then fill those lashes to the best of their ability!
  2. Try Lashocracy! Lashocracy is our glueless strip-lashes that are extension safe. If your extensions are not handling the lockdown well and you need a lash boost, these are a great fix till your lash fill! The fact that they are glueless makes them easy to apply and remove without damaging your lashes!

Lashocracy Glueless Strip Lashes

How To maintain your natural lashes during lockdowns

The tips above also protect your natural lashes while wearing extensions, however there’s more you can do:

  1. Get on the Eyenvy train! This forced break is a great time to boost your lashes, and get them growing longer and stronger! Eyenvy is an excellent ay to do so. This has to be used DAILY for optimal results. But start this routine A.S.A.P. and your natural lashes will be even longer and stronger, and even If your getting a New Set, or a Keratin Lash Lift when we reopen, this will be highly beneficial!
  2. Use your Keratin Mascara! (Not extension friendly). Whether you have a lift that is growing out, or has already completely grown out, continued use of this will help to maintain the strength and integrity of your lashes. If your lift is still growing out, this will really help to tame the sometimes wild grow-out stage, and also help your lift last longer through these lockdowns. If your lift has already grown out,
    Keratin Mascara

    Keratin Mascara

    using this daily will only give added nutrients to your lashes and prime them for your next lift when we reopen!

Paired with Eyenvy, this duo does wonders for your lashes, they really are a power-couple!


We are sad we can’t see your beautiful faces to have these discussions with you, but we are always available to answer any questions you may have, so don’t be afraid to slide into our DMs! Also, don’t panic if you’ve ran out of any of the products above! We are still sending out our online orders! Peep our online shop and save 10% on your order for the products mentioned in this blog post!*

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Wondering What to Get Mom?

We’ve got you babe!

Its no doubt that moms are the backbone to society and without them we would be completely lost because after all, life doesn’t come with a manual, but it does however, come with Mothers.

So, what do you get that one person who we couldn’t live without? -That one person who does everything under the sun for all of us? -The one person who really is a Jane of all trades?


For the Mom who is au naturel:

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Triple Keratin Lash and Brows

Keravie Scented Hand Sanitizer: Made with Coconut-Oil, Aloe, Alcohol, and Fragrance Oils, these not only keep hands clean and germ-free, but they also nourish and hydrate! After smelling and using these h

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and-sani’s, your mom will never look back!

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For the Mom who’s all about growth and peace:

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Keravie Rose Quartz Tea Diffuser: Beautifully designed with 2 different options: Rose Gold and Bamboo, this glass tea diffuser is a must have for your crystal-loving mom.

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Lashocracy: The BEST Glueless Lashes Ever!

If you have met me or read any of my previous posts, you would know that it is no surprise that I am a lash addict. I’ve worn lash extensions for years and have been loving trying out different lash products while taking a break from extensions. I got a Keratin Lash Lift at Keravie, tried a magnet-free eyeliner system, and now I’m so excited to talk about the newest product that I have been trying out lately – Lashocracy Glueless Lashes! This product is an especially exciting one to talk about as it was created and designed by Keravie studio owner Tammy Ma. In today’s post I am going to go over everything you need to know about these revolutionary lashes and all of my thoughts on them (spoiler – I’m obsessed!). 

What are Lashocracy Glueless Lashes?

Lashocracy lashes are glueless lashes that can be applied in just one step! They have a tacky band that adheres to the skin and stays put all day long. The sticky band is made with a medical-grade adhesive that is non-irritating to the skin. The band is meant to remain sticky for up to 5-6 wears in which afterwards a regular adhesive or eyeliner adhesive can be used to apply the lashes. The lashes are compatible with regular lash glue and adhesive eyeliner up to 20 times or more even after the lashes lose its stickiness with proper cleaning and care.

How to Apply and Lash Guide

Step 1. Cut lashes to the width of your eyes

Step 2. Gently apply the lashes from the inner to outer corner

Tip: Place as close to the lash line as possible

Clean: Use a damp Q-tip and gently remove makeup and oils. Air dry. 

My Thoughts

Application – These lashes are SO easy to apply – they truly are just one step! Just when I thought applying false strip lashes couldn’t get any easier after trying the MINTnetic eyeliner lash system, the Lashocracy Lashes take the cake as far as ease of application. It is so nice to not have to fuss with applying lash glue and waiting for it to dry. I highly recommend using a lash applicator such as this one to make application even easier. 

Wear – The adhesive on the band of these lashes is no joke, they are super sticky. While I have only worn the same pair of lashes for a total of 3 days, the adhesive on them is still going strong! I love that I don’t have to worry about my lashes coming off throughout the day or carrying lash glue with me. I also like that even once the stick of adhesive wears off I can still wear the lashes with normal adhesive and get good use out of them!

Look – If you are a lash extension lover (or not) – you will love how these lashes look. They are vegan faux mink lashes so they look and feel extremely soft, fluffy and natural. The band is definitely on the thicker side which makes the lashes super high quality and durable while mimicking the look of eyeliner so that you can go without if you wanted!

Lastly, one of the things I love the most about the Lashocracy Lash Collection is that they come in so many different styles for diverse eye shapes and occasions. You are absolutely sure to find something that best suits your style and eye shape! The lashes come in eight different styles, ranging from very natural to dramatic, shorter/longer, cat eye/doll eye, wispy/not wispy etc. 

Below are the styles that I tried out (Sugarcoated, Pretty Little Thing, Dreaming in Blush, and Angel Face Devil Thoughts). Below is a video of me applying the lashes and some up-close footage of what the lashes look like on! This is the fourth time I’m wearing them now so I’ve already gone through the step of cutting them to the length I want on my eyes:


These are the first that I tried and they might be my favourite! They are one of the more natural styles yet the cat eye shape gives just the right amount of flirtiness.


Lashocracy Glueless Lashes in Sugarcoated

Lashocracy Glueless Lashes in Sugarcoated

Pretty Little Thing

These are the most natural style of the bunch. They are a rounded doll eye shape and would be great for those who are just starting out with lashes or for those no-makeup makeup days!

Lashocracy Glueless Lashes Pretty Little Thing


Lashocracy Glueless Lashes in Pretty Little Thing

Lashocracy Glueless Lashes in Pretty Little Thing


Dreaming in Blush

These are a great “natural yet noticeable” style. They are definitely a longer and fuller lash style without being over the top! These would be great for either day or night wear. 

Lashocracy Glueless Lashes Dreaming in Blush


Lashocracy Glueless Lashes Dreaming in Blush Self Adhesive Lashes


Angel Face Devil Thoughts

If you like wispy lashes – you’ll love these! These lashes feature a cat eye shape with lots of wisps and a criss cross style. These ones are super fluttery and would also be great for day or night!

Lashocracy Glueless Lashes Angel Face Devil Thoughts


Lashocracy Glueless Lashes Angel Face Devil Thoughts


Lashocracy Glueless Lashes Angel Face Devil Thoughts

All in all, if you are a lash lover like myself you should absolutely give the new Lashocracy lashes a try! For full descriptions of all of the different Lashocracy styles and to shop click here!

The Dreaded Fall Lash Shed; Yes, it’s real and it’s coming in hot!

There is something about the fall that we all love and look forward to! The smell in the air, walking through crunchy leaves, Pumpkin Spice, comfy sweaters, and cute booties! But there’s one thing about the fall that we all dread…

So, we all know our lashes shed daily right? As all the hair on our body does. But why does it seem as though we lose more lashes in the Autumn months and are finding ourselves struggling to make it to a 2-week fill when we can usually surpass a 3-week fill? Well, I spent some time doing some research and diving deeper into the cycles of hair shedding and many other contributing factors so that I can tell you exactly why (you’re welcome)! I will discuss how our lashes grow and shed some causes of the Fall Lash Shed, and some key things you can do during this dreaded cycle change to maintain optimal lash health!


Let’s start with some lash growth basics:

To really understand why our lashes are falling out, we need to first understand how they grow! 

  1. The lash growth cycle begins with the growth phase (Anagen); this is when those pesky baby lashes begin to grow from the hair follicles. These little guys will almost never have an extension placed on them as they are far too short and weak to properly support an extension.
  2. The second stage in the lash growth cycle is the transition phase or the Catagen phase. This is the “teenage” point of the lash cycle. These guys can usually be strategically lashed, depending on where they are within this phase.
  3. The final stage before the lashes shed is the resting or Telogen phase. These are the adult lashes; these are the ones we love! These lashes can hold extensions with no problem (given the appropriate length and diameters are chosen).

Sounds a little confusing right? Well, I’ve included a couple of pictures to clear it all up for you!

This is a picture taken last week of a client of mine to show an example of lashes in their different growth stages. Here you can see the Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen phases.


What is normal lash shedding and what is abnormal shedding?

We always explain to our clients that they can expect to lose anywhere from 2-5 lashes a day due to normal shedding. The exception comes during our lovely fall shed (and sometimes spring too). However, this change in the lash cycle will only last a few weeks so no need to fret! Abnormal shedding would be any excessive, worrisome amounts of lashes coming out, and this can be due to many issues such as Alopecia and other severe health issues.


Ok, ok, so really, what DOES cause this “Fall Lash Shed” I have been talking about?

Well as a Lash Artist, it’s always been a phenomenon that we have known about and discussed with our clients, but I really wanted to understand WHY this happens. So, I did some research. I spent time reading blogs posted from other lash artists and studios, I have read the information on health and beauty websites, and even dug into academic medical journals and here are the top 3 reasons I’ve discovered.

1. Vitamin D! Vitamin D plays a big part in our skin and hair. It stimulates the hair follicles to encourage the Anagen phase which keeps our lashes growing long and strong! And the biggest source of our vitamin D is good ol’ Mr. Sun! Unfortunately for us in Canada, our hours of sun in a day quickly dwindle as we enter the Autumn months. As I am sure almost all of you reading can attest to this, it’s dark when we leave for school/work and it’s dark when we leave for home. So, we really do not have very much sun exposure; this leads to a vitamin D deficiency, which then stunts the growth cycle of our lashes (and our hair), contributing to Fall Lash Shed.

2. Humidity! Along with the cooler temperatures comes dehydration. Yup–we all know exactly what I’m talking about! Dry cracked hands, eczema flairs, and forever thirsty. The lack of humidity in the air has a serious effect on our epidermis (fancy work for skin; have I impressed you yet?). This lack of moisture and humidity causes the lashes to become more brittle which means our lashes are more prone to premature breaking and shedding.

3. It’s Summer’s fault! I found that there is evidence that suggests that this crazy cycle begins in summer. Our lashes and skin are flourishing with vitamin D and hydration during the summer months so during this time there’s actually an increase in the growth of our lashes and because they are so happy that they tend to hang out in the Telogen Phase for a little bit longer. This actually increases in the number of adult lashes present on our lash line. So, when the drastic change occurs over the Autumn months, all those extra happy and healthy adult lashes tend then shed out. And Voila! The Fall Lash Shed!


How do you manage life during the Fall Lash Shed?

Now, you may not be able to prevent this Fall Lash Shed from happening, but there are a few things that you can do during these stressful times for your lashes. This I cannot stress enough: 

         1. WASH YOUR LASHES! 

This is super important, not only during this season but all-year-round! However, during this time, because our skin is so dry, I always see an excess build-up of skin in and around clients lashes so washing them is super important. If they are not properly washed, it can lead to infections and even worse things (which we will save likely for another blog topic). The best thing to use is an oil-free foaming cleanser, and a soft brush.








If you’re in a panic and can’t find some, or you forget to pick some up during your appointment don’t worry! We offer free shipping in Alberta!



Talk with your lash artist and determine the best game plan when it comes to booking your fills. You may be someone who can easily go 3 weeks between fills, but during this Fall Lash Shed we recommend booking 2 weeks instead. It is likely you will have less lash-able lashes during the shed so this will help to ensure your lashes are looking as beautiful and full as we can get them! I know we all live crazy busy lives but luckily for you (and us) our online booking system is a life-saver!


This time can be very frustrating for clients since their lashes are not behaving as they normally would. But another option would be to just embrace the Fall Shed, let your lashes have a break and get a removal. I know… I said it… the “R” word, but just hear me out. None of us can truly get by without lashes, especially now during the COVID face mask era, our eyes are all anyone sees! 

BUT we have solutions for you if a break from extensions is what you are leaning toward during the Fall Lash Shed:

  • Try a growth serum! This will help you get through your lash shed a little bit faster. We swear by Eyenvy at Keravie! It works by stimulating the lash follicles to encourage a longer growth phase. Skeptical? Check out our previous blog post that tells you everything you need to know about Eyenvy, and has some great before and after photos! 
  • One word: LASHOCRACY. We’ve stepped up the strip-lash game! These must haves are glueless, vegan, reusable, hypoallergenic AND hella cute. What more could you want!? Trust me, you are going to want to check them out! 

Lashocracy Glueless Strip Lashes


5. Lastly, DON’T PANIC! 

If you take anything away from this, know that this excess shedding is normal, and we are here for you! Just stay hydrated, healthy, and happy and we will get through the dreaded Fall Lash Shed together!

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