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what is a gel lash lift? 

This treatment is the ultimate health regimen--like exercise and a nutritious diet--but for your lashes!

Our unique lifting technique lifts your lash all the way from the root so your natural lashes look longer and fuller than any other type of lash lift. Think of it like your lashes hitting the gym for a strong, healthy, voluminous look.

Then we apply our special nourishing formula infused with keratin, silk peptides and botanicals (it's like superfood for your lashes!) It feeds omega 3's, vitamins E and C, silica, antioxidants and antimicrobials to your naked lashes, rejuvenating and strengthening them to grow fuller and healthier with each and every treatment.

Is a GEL Lash Lift for me? 

GEL Lashes are suitable for anyone, but especially if: 

  1. You want healthy, natural looking lashes that are lifted, darkened, volumized and well-nourished.

  2. It's perfect for busy and active people because there is little to no maintenance.

  3. You have short, brittle or damaged eyelashes, this treatment will rehabilitate them to grow back long, healthy and with luscious body.

Are GEl KERATIN Lash Lifts right for you?
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What makes a GEL Lash Lift different from other Lash Lifting Systems? 


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1. INGREDIENTS: Our medical-grade ingredients made up of keratin, silk peptides and botanicals are not just safe for your lashes, but they nourish and strengthen them with every treatment. The G.E.L. Organic Lash Botox is made up of 97.7% organic ingredients and is the ultimate hydrating lash mask to repair brittle and compromised lashes.

2. TECHNIQUE: Our tools and methodolgy have been perfected with years of R&D so we lift and curl your lashes more dramatically, which means longer and fuller looking lashes.

3. LASTS 2+ MONTHS: Once lifted, lashes stay that way until they shed naturally. No daily maintenance required!

4. GEL LASHES CERTIFIED: Our lash specialists work alongside a G.E.L. Lashes Master Trainer everyday so we're equipped with the best tools and we have an educator on our team.

5. RESULTS: Ultimately, it's our final lash results that make G.E.L. Lashes better than the rest! By nourishing and strengthening your lashes, your lashes grow longer and healthier with every treatment, making them look even better when we use our advanced lifting system to lift them that much higher.

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how long does a gel lash lift last?

8+ Weeks depending on your lash cycle. 

Once lifted, your lashes stay that way until they naturally shed. 

How often should I get my lashes re-lifted? 

6-8 weeks to keep them looking fresh.

However, if you use eyelash growth serums (such as Eyenvy or Latisse), you will have a faster lash growth cycle and may need to get them re-lifted every 4-6 weeks depending on your serum use frequency. 



What is the GEL Keratin Mascara for? 

  • Helps to maintain your lift for longer

  • Makes your lashes appear longer, darker and more defined

  • Deposits keratin on your lashes and makes them stronger, healthier, and grow longer

  • Reduces the appearance of frizziness during the last phases of grow out

Can I wear mascara with my GEL Lash Lift? 

Yes! You may use the G.E.L. Lashes Keratin Mascara as well as black mascaras of your choice as long as they are NON- waterproof mascara only. 

What is the Aftercare for GEL Lash Lifts?

  1. Avoid steam showers, swimming, getting your lashes wet and wearing eye makeup around your eyes for the next 24 hours.

  2. Avoid waterproof mascara.

  3. DO use the GEL Keratin Mascara to condition and strengthen your lashes in between treatments, resulting in less lash breakage and extending the life of your lashes and lift. It also helps to define, darken, and shape your lashes too -- Bonus!

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