Lash Extension Models - July 17

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Lash Extension Models - July 17


Interested in being a lash model for our live classes? 

All student work is done with instructor’s assistance and supervision.

Date: Wednesday, July 17

Time: 3:30pm - $40+gst

Location: Keravie Lash Loft, Kingsway Mall


  • Natural lashes must not have any lash extensions on, or with lashes that have been lifted in the last 8 weeks

  • Model must be 18 years+

  • Full, NON-REFUNDABLE/NON-TRANSFERABLE payment required to register


  1. Select set type

  2. Pay for service

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  1. Arrive with makeup-free eyes

  2. Avoid drinking too much caffeine prior to your appointment. You'll be lying down for up to 3-3.5 hours.

  3. Respect your lash artist's time, don't be late.


FOR THE FIRST 24 HOURS, absolutely NO showers or getting your lashes wet.

AFTER THE FIRST 24 HOURS, absolutely

  1. NO swimming, sauna or steamrooms

  2. DO NOT use oil-based makeup and cleansers (use water-based ones!)

  3. DO NOT use any mascara

  4. DO NOT rub your eyes, pick at your lashes or try to remove your extensions by yourself—call us to professionally remove your extensions or you risk pulling out your natural lashes.

FOR BEST RESULTS, make sure you

  1. DO brush & comb your lashes out everyday—tangled lashes tend to break/shed faster.

  2. DO gently wash your lashes everyday with a specialized eyelash bubble shampoo, especially if you wear eye makeup everyday—we recommend our gentle foaming Baby Coral All-Natural and Organic Lash Shampoo. DO NOT use regular shampoo.

  3. DO use a lash growth serum like EyeEnvy to help the hairs stay in the follicle longer resulting in a stronger base for the extensions.

  4. DO get fills every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain your lash look.