quiz result: yes. you need a gel lash lift.


You like the look of lash extensions, but it seems your natural lashes are damaged—either from extensions that are too heavy, or that are poorly applied.

After a few cycles of our Keratin Lash Lift, combined with our healing GEL Keratin mascara, your natural lashes will grow back long and luscious with body strong enough to handle any lash extensions.

Your extensions will not only look better because you have strong lashes ready to support the extensions, but you will feel better knowing that under the extensions are long, healthy, happy lashes!

Though the look is different than lash extensions, the results are still spectacular. Your natural lashes will grow back healthy and you can go back to wearing lash extensions very soon.

Repair your damaged lashes by booking your GEL Keratin Lash Lift today

BEFORE / AFTER - G.E.L. Lash Lift

BEFORE / AFTER - G.E.L. Lash Lift