4 Tips for Wedding Lash Extensions

It’s pretty clear by now lash extensions are the bees knees of the entire lash industry when it comes to lashes for ultra special occasions. Lash extensions offer the drama (or as little drama) of that of strip lashes, but without the headache of applying them, risking lifting mid-photosession, and the dreaded removal at the end of the night, where no matter how talented the application, there will almost always be a few lashes you have to rip out because glue got attached to it–ouch!

Not only that, extensions provide 360-degree angles of seamlessly blended lashes. There is no evidence of that glossy band that all strip lashes, including magnetic ones, all have. They give away that you are in fact, wearing fake lashes. And for me, there is a poetic perfection in seeing a beautifully styled, customized set of lash extensions meticulously laboured to create a unique look for a stunning bride.

So now you’ve decided to get lash extensions for your big day? Well let us just say, congratulations on your coming nuptials! We can’t be more thrilled for you. Here are 4 Tips to Prep Your Wear for Wedding Lash Extensions:

1. Do a Pre-Trial Set of Lash Extensions
We recommend booking a pre-trial set of extensions with your trial hair and makeup. Always make sure you do a consultation with your chosen lash artist on the trial and the final day so they know what purpose you’re getting the lashes for and to make sure you’re both on the same page on what look you’re going for. It’s helpful to provide photos of how your makeup will look. Will it be light and natural? Or more dramatic and smokey?

Ideally, you might consider doing the trial hair and makeup with the lashes so you can see what they’ll look like all together. Be sure to take lots of selfies and photos of your pre-trial hair and makeup together with the pre-trial lashes to get the best idea of how it will turn out in the photos that’ll help you remember that special day.

Additional Tip: If you’ve never gotten lash extensions before in your life, you should book your trial set at least 3 months before your wedding lashes. In the unlikely event you are allergic to lash adhesive, you have time for the allergy flare to go away.

2. Get Dramatic
Makeup and lashes always look a lot less dramatic in photos than in person, so we recommend always going a little more dramatic than what you’re used to with your everyday lash look to add that extra glam to balance out a more made up look. Additionally, if you plan to wear thicker eyeliner than usual, your extensions will appear shorter.

For example, if you normally wear Classic Lash Extensions, we would recommend doing your next fill with Volume extensions to create a hybrid look for your wedding day lashes.


>Above: How a light smokey eye makeup look affects the appearance of Lash Extensions. Credit: Selena’s Lash Studio

You should expect that you might feel the more voluminous lashes might be a little bit too much, but we promise you that your wedding day you will thank you for it!

Above: Hollywood Hybrids (Classic Extensions mixed with Megavolume Fans) – Suitable for those with strong, healthy lashes.

3. Additional Tip: Never Fill Longer than 1mm of Your Usual Length
While it’s perfectly fine to fill more volume, I never recommend filling over existing lashes longer than 1mm at a time because it never looks seamless. It always looks like you’ve applied a whole different set of lashes over a totally different style of lashes. So if you always wear extensions and want a longer lash look, you should do a full removal and a new set for your wedding day.

4. Book Your Final Lash Appointment 3 Days Before
Lashes always look their very, very freshest in their first 3 days, so we recommend booking your final fill or new set 3 days before the big day before any discernible amount of shedding has taken place. 3 is also the safest number because If there’s anything you need fixed or topped up for whatever reason, you have 2 more days to come back to see your artist, and let’s be honest…you will not want to be worrying about your lashes one day before the wedding.

5. Say No If You Want To
The goal of getting a lash enhancement of any sort is to treat yourself by making you feel the best version of you on your wedding day. So if you’re not comfortable with the recommendations given to you by either your artist or any one else in your life, just say no. After all, underneath all the flowers, lace and lashes, you should still feel comfortable in your own skin because all that really matters is love 🙂

Have more questions about getting extensions for your wedding day? Drop me a hello here!

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